Who made this game?

Data Defense is a project primarily developed by Colin Towle. The music as well as some art were by Jeremy Dumouchel. The sound effects by John Axon.

Something has gone horribly wrong! What do I do?

In case of actual game bugs, please contact support for assistance.
Please note that as a solo developer, resolving issues may take some time.

Is there a way to keep up with you?

Yes! Follow 2Blocks on Twitter and/or Facebook to stay up to date!

I'm stuck and can't get passed a level... help!

Try using new tower programs, create a longer path and don't skip ahead. Some towers are best when used in combinations like the Decompile and Loop towers.

Will Data Defense be available on other platforms?

I am working hard to bring Data Defense to iOS as soon as possible. PC, Mac and Linux versions should be available in the not so distant future as well.

I love the music! Where can I find the soundtrack?

The soundtrack will be made available with the PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game when they come out. In the meantime, follow me or Jeremy on Twitter to get up to date information as it comes out.

Are streams / let's plays allowed for this game

Absolutely! You are also free to monetize your videos. If live streaming, feel free to give us a head's up on Twitter and someone might drop in :)

What about our privacy?

We might use a few third party services to collect some general usage data so we can improve the game but that's about it. You can check out the full policy but we really don't care about what you had for lunch ;)

I have questions or comments

Please drop a tweet or send me an email directly.